Monday, January 31, 2011

Kasu-zuke : My Latest Foray Into Japanese Cuisine

I have to admit that out of the popular Asian cuisines, I know the least about Japanese.  I've got the basics ok, but there is so much intricacy and nuance to the finer dishes that I think I need more exposure. 

The following is a basic dish that I've seen time and time again and I'm rather intrigued by it.  It's fish marinated in sake lees with a bit of sugar, salt, and sake at least overnight, and up to a week.  Typically, a fatty fish such as black cod (butterfish) or salmon is used.  I was reading that due to the alcohol, salt and sugar, it's technically a pickle...  After marinating for ever, you wipe off the excess paste and either grill or broil to perfection.
I tried it first with a steelhead fillet, and I have a steak of black cod marinating right now.  After trying the finished product, I really like the texture that the fish develops after a light cure.

Kasu-zuke Marinade 

Combine the following:
1# sake lees (kasu)
1.25 c sugar
0.5 c sake
1 T salt + extra for salting the fish

Salt your fish lightly and let rest for one hour.  Blot the fish dry and rub heavily with the kasu-zuke.  Allow to marinate for at least one day in the refrigerator, the wipe off the excess and broil or grill to your liking.

One pound of lees will make a lot of marinade.  It will keep for a long time in the cooler. 

And, thanks to Mark for sharing his recipe!

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