Monday, May 30, 2011

Sometimes, I forget how much I love pie...

..and then a little bit of rhubarb and a few strawberries make their way into my hands, and before I know it, this glory has happened...!
I was inspired by a recent Wall Street Journal post.  I liked the addition of allspice, bitters, and orange zest to the filling.


  1. Damn. Now I'm really hungry... Looks beautiful.

  2. Drooling in PuyallupMay 30, 2011 at 7:28 PM

    Oh heart be still, I found and marinated in your blog as food is my love, my families profession and my addiction. The pie looked and I am sure tasted amazing. I will spread the word to my mother, an accomplished baker in her own right (german style) about the flair on seasonings and flavor profile. She will enjoy trying something new to a traditional take on a summer must serve NW jewel....I remember growing up and enjoying a Rhubarb Custard pie of sorts with a German name that I cannot spell...thicker crust (shortbread like or tart like)...fabulous...still dream of it. I do not know where you are employeed but you seriously need to be in the private chef arena...someone with your talent, education and creativity needs to be in the private sector.

    Happy cooking/baking...I will follow your blog:)
    Just call me Drooling in Puyallup!