Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why Consider Private Chef, Jasmine Biernacki.

Going out for a nice dinner has become very popular in the recent years. Many people make it an evening out of it. It’s typically a fun experience where ambiance and food come together to create a memorable evening. Some like to go out simply because there are no dishes to wash afterwards or there is no time or motivation to cook. With today’s busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, have you ever considered a private chef for the evening? Here are 6 reasons why you should consider Gig Harbor’s Chef Jasmine Biernacki:

1. Custom and fresh menu, just for you
Restaurant menus are typically designed to cater to the masses. If you’re like me, you frequent a handful of your favorite restaurants. If you like to visit one restaurant, it can get boring quickly as you find yourself ordering the same thing more then once. Restaurant menus tend to be locked-in due to cost of ingredients, profit margins, abilities of the kitchen staff, etc. Hiring a personal chef is like having a restaurant in your own home kitchen. A personal chef considers your likes and dislikes; they work closely with you to come up with a custom menu for the specific event. The food is seasonal because the chef shops specifically for quality and freshness. Chef Jasmine loves this part of the business. Local, organic, high quality, in season foods is the basis of stellar cuisine. She takes a very personal approach to make sure your meal is the best it can be. Many restaurants simply do not have this flexibility.

2. No wine corkage fee
At a restaurant, if you like to enjoy a bottle of wine with your dinner, it could cost a pretty penny. Restaurants typically make their profit on the wine that they sell. In most cases, a good restaurant keeps a nice wine list that complements their menu. In many ways you can have the same experience at home. A good private chef can recommend wine to go with the dinner that they are preparing for you. If you keep a cellar in your home, the chef can recommend specific wines. No corkage fee and not driving home after the dinner are some very obvious benefits to hiring a private chef. Chef Jasmine has a great understanding of wine and how it should be paired with food.

3. It does not cost any more than going out
Contrary to popular belief, the cost of having a private chef produce a culinary experience in your own home kitchen is almost always lower than going out to a good restaurant. If you consider the overhead associated with running a restaurant, you will see that the cost is much lower by having Chef Jasmine come to your kitchen. No matter if the chef is preparing fried chicken for your Super Bowl party, or a 5 course culinary extravaganza for your business partners, the cost will always be within range or less expensive than what the food at a comparable restaurant would cost you.

4. Cleanliness
I think most of us can agree that washing dishes is not a fun chore. After a great meal with your family or friends, one person usually gets stuck in the kitchen cleaning up, while everyone else mingles and has fun. A good private chef will leave the kitchen spotless. So you, as the host, can enjoy your friends and not worry about cleanup. One other thing to consider, restaurant kitchens are not as clean as you may think. Have you ever asked to see the kitchen before you get seated in a restaurant? How about see the walk-in freezer? I’m not saying that all restaurants are dirty, but I believe you would be shocked more often then not how dirty some restaurants are. In addition, if you go out to a restaurant, you don’t meet the chef who cooks your meal. Having your own chef allows for you to know exactly what is being cooked, and then washed and cleaned. Chef Jasmine’s training comes from kitchens that declare cleanliness king. One kitchen she worked in did a full cleaning (including the ceiling) 2 times a day! She carries this attribute to all the private or personal chef work that she does.

5. Food is Hip and Cool
With the introduction of channels that focus strictly on food, and with the emergence of celebrity chefs in the last decade, food, in a way, has itself become a celebrity. A good private chef is humble and tries not to interrupt a meal service, but at the same time a chef needs to be a crafty performer. I find that people love to interact with the chef, ask questions, and observe. This often adds a nice coolness factor to any event. Imagine having your own chef in the kitchen while you enjoy your time being a guest in your own home. Although Chef Jasmine is by no means a celebrity chef, she does enjoy the interaction with guests and is willing to share pointers on cooking or a funny kitchen story.

6. Nutrition
Many restaurants pay very little attention to the nutritional value of their food. The food comes from food service companies and is usually not seasonal. It’s often frozen and stored for too long. The cooking techniques used to cook this frozen or over processed food wipe out most of the nutrients. Menus contain more fat and sodium than they really need because it tends to make the food taste better. Simply put, if you like to go out a lot, many restaurants are bad for your health. Chef Jasmine takes a more wholesome approach to cooking. She is very careful with the quality and cooking techniques so you get a healthy meal that tastes great. She will also consider your specific nutritional needs and will work with you on your preferences. Having Chef Jasmine in your kitchen instead of going out means that you are feeding your friends and family high quality and healthy food.

I hope this post answers some questions that you may have about Chef Jasmine Biernacki. Gig Harbor is definitely in need of quality culinary establishments. This may be due to the fact that Gig Harbor is not a major metropolitan area such as Seattle or San Francisco, in which the local population is much more interested in culinary arts. I have had many discussions with friends who complain that the food choices in Gig Harbor seem to fall short of what could be. To make up for this fact, I feel that having a world class private chef that has worked in a 3 star Michelin restaurant and who has been formally educated at one of the best culinary schools in the world as your own private chef solves that lack of quality culinary establishments in Gig Harbor.

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